Camp: A Spectacle of Rings. June 5-25

Camp: A Spectacle of Rings. June 5-25
Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society invites you to celebrate its fifth annual members' exhibition, Camp: A Spectacle of Rings. June 5-5, 2021
What better way to celebrate than to show off your best cocktail rings! This year, Co-Adorn asks the seriously playful artist to respond to the theme, Camp. 
Reaffirmed by theatrical subculture, and historically present in the exaggerated elegance of Baroque Art, 'Camp’ provokes an innovation of aesthetic values; celebrating obscure, unreasonable, artificial and emotionally calculated style.
   -  Meris Mosher, Co-Adorn
What is camp? Camp is a cultural trope, a specific aesthetic style. Camp celebrates the obscure, the unreasonable. Camp provokes innovation.
See our academic inspiration here: Sontag, S. (2018). Notes on 'Camp'. London, UK: Penguin Books.

Each artist is invited to submit up to 3 cocktail rings for jurying.
Applications are open to Canadians, Canadians living abroad, and international artists living in Canada.