Contemporary Canadian Jewellery and Art

14th National Student Competition - Clarissa Long, NSCAD

My current works have grown from my interest in skewed views. The landscapes that surround us and the notions that occupy us are captivating. So what happens when we try to captivate them under a different light, through a different lens or from a different perspective? When we change our vantage point, do we also change our point of view? These are the questions that inform my works.

Using found or discarded objects and sourcing off-cuts or wasted materials to explore these questions, the reclaimed materials themselves take on a new, distorted view. By using and seeing less, sometimes we get more.

My ongoing works incorporate studies of balance, coexistence and contrast of seemingly opposite forces. I'm interested in exploring the concepts of dualism from my own personal histories but also from human nature. Drawing from the connection of self and others, my works are portraits of the human spirit and all its complexities. Collaborating with both traditional and experimental techniques and materials, I am interested in the alternative, whatever that may be..

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