Louis-Vincent Parent

Growing up in northern Québec, the inspiration for my projects came from the Cree culture and the boreal landscape . Most of the elements in my projects touch personal bases from my life. I decided to make a project that expresses the area I grew up in well enough, my community and the Cree culture that I grew up around.
To me, northern Quebec is a place with powerful shapes and beautiful scenery. It is a place with never ending inspirations. When I hunt, when I go out into the woods, the stress of daily life completely disappears. There is so much vegetation, animals and landscapes to admire that I can’t think about anything else. Amongst that, the Caribou has always fascinated me. It travels thousands of kilometers on a yearly basis. On that aspect, I feel quite the same. For about 6 years now, I have travelled back and forth from Chisasibi to Montreal to study.