Anastasia Pindera, NSCAD


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    My process-based art jewellery practice takes paint off the canvas, pushing the boundaries and expectations of the material itself.

    I believe when control is released, we can achieve unexpected but captivating results. I adopt this philosophy into my hands-on experimental approach. Always exploring, I choose to embrace the natural reactions of my chosen materials. Through this intimate process, I have developed unique techniques including painting with the metal by utilizing the colour-changing abilities between the combined materials.

    My intent for my work is to capture an emotion within the form, the lines, the spaces in between, an idea or a feeling that may soon pass. The result is a process akin to Abstract Expressionism or its predecessor, Surrealist Automatism.

    My transformation of material seeks to find beauty in the unexpected, confusing, curious or fragile as I three-dimensionally explore subjects of control, dualism and subjective existence.