Finalist Anja Sucura

Anja Sucura 
Sucura's multidisciplinary art practice is based on material and technical exploration with conceptual development that, more often then not, happens in the process of creating. With interests such as psychology, art history, feminism and culture Sucura's new body of visual art work explores the spectrum of the human condition, both her own and of others. Regardless of its complexity, it is always aimed at creating a connection with the audience of her works. 
Sucura's current jewellery line is based on the Georgian era practice of the "Lovers Eye". A product of forbidden love between a royal and a widow, this cheeky display of affection spread quickly through the bourgeoisie society of 18th century England. These intricate, intimate jewels talked about love, lust, sorrow and loss. Fittingly titled, "Emotions" focuses on pulling these aesthetic and conceptual threads forward into new forms of art. Consisting of one of a kind pieces, this line is crafted with carefully chosen imagery adopted from works of the old masters that rest in simple, yet bold, sterling silver frames. The motion of the face and the gaze of the eyes chosen are amplified by colour and contrast, adding the modern aspect of digital imagery manipulation. Taking the facial expressions out of context of these usually highly charged, dramatic and religious based artworks, deconstructs the original intention, giving the viewer the opportunity to assign to the piece whichever emotion it evokes in them. It makes for a personalized piece of jewellery while also creating a connection to centuries of culture and history. Following the pattern of blending compositions, the pieces are a mix of plastic and precious metal components, placing value on inexpensive materials through design and labour and challenging the assumption on the value of contemporary art jewellery. The ultimate Goal of this line is to bring back the actual meaning of the "Lovers Eye" and to work with clients on personal pieces, honouring the ones they love.