Jess Bischoff

Jess Bischoff

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Stink Bug Pin sterling silver stink bug with embossing and etching techniques.

Measures approx. 40 x 30 mm, pictured at the bottom left.

"With regard to the ‘Stink Bug’ brooch(es), these pieces are the 5th and 6th iterations in a series of production prototypes, each created from a single piece of material which includes an integrated area for the catch and pin-stem. I have used a combination of simple goldsmithing techniques (sawing, embossing — using the hydraulic press — forming, and texturing) to create a three-dimensional form from a flat sheet of niobium. Although many might consider these insects ‘pests’, they remind me of summers spent with my family in Northern Ontario as a child, and exist (to me) as iconic symbols of nostalgia and sentimentality."

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