Comfort Ring 1 in green in made from sterling silver and silicone (reclaimed kitchen gadget). The ring measures 2.5 L x 2 W x 2 H cm and was made in 2019.

Camp! Dominique Brechault

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Comfort Ring 1 in Green

Made from sterling silver and silicone (reclaimed kitchen gadget), the ring measures 2.5 L x 2 W x 2 H cm and was made in 2019.   Size 6

As a mature artist and goldsmith, I find myself in a new place both physically and mentally. I’ve had a long relationship with jewellery making, and a few decades working at the bench wrestling with metal have left its marks on my body. There are aches and pains that cannot be ignored. These Comfort Rings are part of a series that explore my new relationship with jewellery, both as a maker and as a wearer. I have started working with materials such as plastics and silicone. Their warm and soft surfaces and their tactile qualities are quite inviting, and the bold and bright colours that they offer are ridiculous and over the top. Using these non-traditional materials in conjunction with silver has challenged me to explore different types of cold connections. These rings are a celebration of my long relationship with jewellery making. As a woman “of a certain age” I am free to be as colourful as the jewellery I am wearing – not glamourous and elegant, but bold and fun, maybe a little bit silly too.

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