Emilie Bisson-Yassa, Ecole de Joaillerie de Quebec

Jewelry fascinates me for its relationship with the body, its closeness with the everyday life.

I believe that jewelry has a soul. A soul breathed by its image and by the connection with the wearer; it itself becomes witness of life. Especially by its handmade nature. The soul is transferred by the contact of human hands. I am especially interested in jewelry that has its own personality, jewelry that attracts and chooses its wearer, as much as he chooses them.

I create contemporary jewelry. Jewelry with contrasts and oppositions. That can be discreet and appropriate for everyday wear as much as it can be massive and exuberant.

Mainly in silver 925, but often matched with other materials. Shaped directly in metal or with lost wax, according to the relevance of the technique. I can’t seem to settle with one unique approach to creation. And metal gives me the satisfaction to navigate through a vast variety of forms and techniques; a universe of fascinating possibilities which allows me to approach the material in a multitude of different ways. The mixture of various mediums makes the possibilities endless.

My jewelry is mainly figurative. I exploit the image’s power of evocation and recollection; its capacity to suggest or to make a statement. Producing images that are open to interpretation, waiting for sense to emerge.

I work with three main recurring iconography that seems heterogeneous, but in fact complement each other: astronomy, vegetation and the human being, a philosophical approach to observe and think about life and about the existence at various scales.