Evgeniy Salinder

Salinder was born in 1981 in Salekhard, located on the edge of the Arctic circle in the Yamalo-Nenets region of northwest Siberia. He, like his Nenets ancestors are reindeer-herders known for their ability to excel in harsh conditions 
Salinder uses media naturally found in the Yamalo-Nenets region: reindeer antler, mammoth tusk, moose antler, larch, birch, and cedar.  He loves finding bits of tossed-aside bone or wood that appear ugly at first glance. He then evaluates the pieces by colour and texture. “I already see the form given by nature. I just lead it to its final version.” 
In 1997, he entered Lapzuya, Salekhard's School for Culture and Art, where he studied as a master artist, then studied for four years at the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design. Salinder's focus is his sculpture, the love of which he teaches to Nenets students.