Kim Paquet

Expressed in my intuitively created work is my understanding of the importance of living in the present, accepting one challenge and moving forward- a process, which is equally as important as the end result. Through its creation, this series was inspired by the idea of facing trauma and the changes it causes. This is the big, scary truth about trauma: There is no such a thing as ‘’getting over it.’’ The reality is much bigger: a major life disruption leaves a new norm in its wake. To preserve or present things as normal, healing from trauma is not a papering-over. It is to acknowledge and wear your new life with a new understanding. I transformed founded material and steel sheet with the intention of bringing up to life a function of self-expression for me, as a maker, as well as the wearer by giving them a totally new form.

This pandemic provokes a global effect on our life, and we are all learning to navigate through this new normality. Abruptly graduated from a Bachelor in fine art, I found myself working at home in a small space using limited tools and materials which restrained my practice. Aspiring to find a perfect balance between my art jewelry and everyday-wear jewelry practice, it was primordial for me to present myself with this range of work. Inspired by my art pieces, my limited-edition production provided me enough joy and relief in the past weeks to face this erratic and unpredictable period.

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