Marine Bordy


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    Drawing my inspiration from literature and mythology, I use symbols and metaphors to evoke strength, courage, protection, mystery.

    Eyes staring at the movements of the cardinal points, fed from ancient silversmith art and timeless charms as much as from feminist science-fictions, all the roads led me to this godessist exploration. The aspect blurs the eventual origin to whisper dateless forms and subjects that survive us.

    It does not matter if these stories are not existing yet, it is wearing these jewels that make them happen.

    Conical and domed volumes, designed as temples, shelters, containers, nurturing breast as symbolic triangles and circles. Mirror finish that reflects what does not lie.

    Jewelry worn as talismans to go on with this nomadic life with the serene certitude of not knowing what tomorrow will be made of.

    May wearing those jewels make you proud as if you have just been tattooed, facing the horizon with an everlasting light narrowing your eyes.

    Marine graduates from the Fine Art School of Nantes in the west of France in 2015. There she learns different engraving, printing and sculpting techniques and writes a memoir on the symbolic scopes of the tatoo practices through time and space. Outside the colorful walls of the school, she travels through Europe and works for different workshops : glass blowers, wool worker, brass smith. 

    She then crosses the Atlantic to travel through California and Canada.

    It's during an internship in a circus in Montreal that she decided to stay in Quebec to learn a new technique : jewellery.

    She finally registers at the jewellery school of Montreal and graduates in 2021.

    Beside this, she sets up her workshop in the school bus she has been converting into a home since 2019.

    These peregrinations and the encounters and stories that result from them are all sources of formal and symbolic inspirations.