Anna Jane McIntyre

Anna Jane McIntyre

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This print is a part of McIntyre's series, Familiar, a tale about a nervous witch who goes on an adventure as told in an analogue Instagram feed. All the prints in the series are unique 1/1 editions.

Print 11: The intense disappearing into remembering was beginning to make the witch feel weird.

“Move.” said the witch's body.

The witch put her cards down and stood up.

The light was starting to change.

It was twilight.

The clouds shimmered silver and gold in the setting sun.

The witch walked along the edge of her beloved forest.

“Everything okey dokey?” asked the ginormous disembodied clown face.

Cut paper printing, stencil printing monoprint, gouache, gold and silver leaf, chine collé

12 x 12 inches


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