Lisa Creskey

Lisa Creskey

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Tingmiatornis arctica - Lilac and Smoke 

Acrylic on canvas

H50 x L40 cm


The rapid thawing of the arctic is revealing many new archeological finds. This work reflects upon the recently discovered prehistoric toothed arctic bird Tingmiatornis arctica which resembled a cormorant and was alive during the Cretaceous Period when the arctic had a semi-tropical climate.

In this work, we are presented at first-glance with an atmospheric scene of cormorants nest-building, bathing and flying. Smoke rising from the water and the hills make us think of mist or a forest fire; this leads us to notice the teeth of the birds and transports us back 90 million years to a time when Tingmiatornis arctica flew over the semi-tropical arctic waters and mountains, which could erupt at any moment.


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