Sophia Gaspard, École de Joaillerie de Montréal

I like the idea of a jewel that fascinates, touches and inspires freedom of expression. The freedom that makes us full and unique beings. I think that the desire to experience our own uniqueness is something that can rally us to each other. And this, for the purpose of sharing, exchanging, knowledge and encounter with each other. Ultimately, I think that this jewel, or any object, can give the desire to connect to one's own way of expressing his/her inner truth.

I am, among things, a sci-fi movie fan as well as fantastic universe, dystopian landscape and magical world. In that perspective, I have the fantasy of seeing my pieces evolve in films with these flavors. I could easily see some funk-metal-soul deity wearing them… And of course, anyone who would like to do so. Even though my sources of inspiration seem infinite to me, the forms that I mostly work are organic, linear, intuitive, dancing. I crave for metal corpses with useless pizzazz and that ogle at me with their abstract eyes… My inspiration sometimes emerge from spontaneous scrawles that are adorned with more frank lines which then organise everything. Some other times, these forms are the very manifestation of the sensitivity of decrepit carpentry. And at some more other times, the pieces are revealed to me through my dreams. Finally, I also like to feed myself from other existing or… non-existing art forms. In the same vein, I like when silence and noise meet; the juxtaposition of textures… their overload; assembling what's does not seem to want to come together. I like when fragility meets robustness; when what is called ugly meets what is called beautiful and their harmonious potential. I seek harmony in chaos, cohesion in the fray, calm in the storm. A little like in this curious world in which we evolve and where balance and distortion intertwine indefinitely; as a sort of clever and measured imperfection that one could feel while looking at the debris of a postapocalyptic environment once majestic