Susan Lindsay

Susan Lindsay

Susan Lindsay is a mixed-media artist creating sculptural work with wire, wood, textiles and found objects.In 2014 she moved from Ontario to an abandoned farmhouse in New Brunswick. Between the walls and in the attic she discovered old letters, photographs and concealed objects tracing the 140-year history of the Turner family in the village of Baie Verte. With these finds, and her own exploration of memory she continues to form narratives. After receiving a Bachelors degree in psychology and a Bachelor of Education, she attended Sheridan College School of Craft and Design. She has exhibited for over five decades in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, USA, UK, Europe and Japan.

lines of wire and thread trace an image

a fragility is explored
a shadow of memory is created
a narrative is woven


I began my textile work as a weaver using linen threads.  Then I built small houses layering with wood.  For the following ten years I hooked 3 demential pieces  with strips of silk fabric and presently I continue my explorations by “ drawing " with wire and " painting " with layered fabric.
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