Helene Tremblay


    Es tut uns leid, aber Ihre Suche nach Produkten hat keine Treffer ergeben.

    Born in Quebec, Helene Tremblay has been based in Rimouski for 30 years after choosing to live a more tranquil lifestyle outside the big city. 

    Helene studied in interior management in Quebec and interior architecture in Strasbourg. She's had a career in residential and commercial interior design embarking on many projects and partnerships from Quebec to Germany. Now, she works at Telus as a project manager for real estate. 

    As an artist, Helene works with painting, mosaic, sewing, photography, cabinetwork and lighting, but jewellery has been her passion for 8 years. 

    "Artistry is a necessity for me, it comes from a visceral need that allows me to live and be happy"