Allyson Simmie
Allyson Simmie

Allyson Simmie

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This pendant features Nova Scotia banded agate combined with sterling silver. The layers in this unique stone, found on the shores of Eastern Canada’s Bay of Fundy, were formed over millions of years. It is literally a piece of the historical, fossil-rich mudflats for which the area is world-renowned.

Each silver moon has been individually created by heating the metal up to a molten state, upon which it naturally forms itself into a sphere. The rough texture is a natural result of the process of this heating and cooling. Because of this, each sphere – like the planets they represent – is unique.

This piece was designed to invite us to think about and appreciate the countless millennia that went into the creation of the world as we know it today, building it one minute layer at a time. To reflect upon where we’ve been and where we are going; knowing that with patience and perseverance, much can be achieved.

Nova Scotian Banded Agate and sterling silver

60mm x 30mm x 8mm

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