Barry Ace's first Doublebling neckpiece
Barry Ace
Barry Ace

Barry Ace

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Double-Sided Digital Bling (2020). This double-sided neckpiece is a first for the artist.  

One side of the medallion has a Great Lakes' style floral motif composed of hand-stitched glass beads or manidoominens which in Anishinaabemowin translates to "little energy or spirt berries". The flip side incorporates electronic components that are assembled on a circular circuit board into a floral motif. Like the glass beads, electronic components control, store and release energy, so there is a powerful simile between these two disparate entities. The wearer can choose to wear the traditional floral beaded medallion, or reverse it to wear the electronic component contemporary floral motif - a confluence between the historical and contemporary.

Rope, glass beads, antique white-heart beads, deer hide, beading thread, circuit-board, capacitors, resistors, light-emitting diodes, tin jingle cones, copper wire, horse hair, synthetic hair, rhinestones, 56 x 15 cm. 

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