Anna Jane McIntyre

Anna Jane McIntyre

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This print is a part of McIntyre's series, Familiar, a tale about a nervous witch who goes on an adventure as told in an analogue Instagram feed. All the prints in the series are unique 1/1 editions.

Print 2: One day this witch went for a walk to gather some mushrooms for her supper. As she walked she hummed to herself. As she hummed to herself she had a thought bubble up. “You must go on an adventure.” said the thought. The witch stopped walking and pondered for a second. “An adventure! Yes why not!” Weeeeee! Then she heard a big voice coming from the sky. “Be careful what you wish for!” said the voice. The witch looked up and there in the sky was a ginormous disembodied clown face looking down upon her. They stared at each other in silence, not blinking....

Cut paper printing, stencil printing monoprint, 12 x 12 inches, 2019.

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