Barry Ace

Barry Ace

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Poignant (2018) found antique wooden and iron flax Hetchel comb, bronze screen, electronic components (capacitors, resistors, light emitting diodes), glass beads, bronze screen, circuit board, coated wired  

49 (L) x 15 (H) x 11 (W) 

This work addresses the impact of Residential Schools on First Nations in Canada, including Ace's family. A single wire moccasin is held empty denoting the stripping of culture and language, and the floral work on one side of the moccasin denotes some knowledge survived. The wire fringe represents the hide trail dusters that were affixed to moccasins to erase the wear's tracks. The single moccasin is positioned on top of a needle sharp Hetchel instrument designed for shredding.

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