Dropout Vessel 2 by James Lavoie

Dropout Vessel 2 by James Lavoie

Dropout Vessel 2 - 10 x 10 x 15cm

These are considered dropout vessels - dropout referring to the means by which an already-fused glass piece is shaped as it drops through a created hole. Glass softens as it is heated to stretch and thin significantly. When the desired degree of stretch is achieved, I drop the kiln temperature quickly  to halt the process.

As a result of the thinning and deepening, the colour density of the glass changes and there is an exciting distortion of design elements, particularly linear ones, which loop and broaden.  The complex challenge of the technique also results in the glass retaining glossy surfaces on all sides.

Progressing from standard slumping to dropout shaping has allowed me to revisit my penchant for abstract, geometric design and take it to another more interesting and delightfully unpredictable level.