Match Figure 1
Match Figure 1

Match Figure 1

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Figure 1 created with wood frame and detailed using wood burning, paint and varnish. The figure supports individual ceramic sculptural sculptures and depicts the boxer Gaetan Hart.

210 x 120 x 80cm

The history of the Gatineau region is presented through the figurehead Canadian boxer Gaétan Hart who was born in Buckingham. Each figure is hand-cut wood, burnt, pigmented and carved, and becomes a display case for the porcelain vignettes specific to the region. In this collection of pieces, the artist explores the subject of work as a force that fashions culture by examining documents, images, material remains, and architecture from the small town where the artist spent some of her formative years. Framing the work in a visual exploration of the manifestation of the boxing sport as transformative on the human figure, the artist allows the town’s emotional investment in their boxing hero Gaétan Hart to become the central theme. The work also explores the lucrative industry and infrastructure at the time.

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