Serpentine black statue of bear
Serpentine black statue of bear

Maudie Ohiktook

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Bear Shaman  - A dramatically mysterious figure with its suggestion of a fingered wing, this bear in kamik boots is carved from black serpentine stone and has inlaid eyes and fangs.

One of the most renowned female Inuit carvers, Maudie Ohiktook was born at Thom Bay on the eastern Boothia Peninsula.  She began carving in 1968 together with her husband, James Ohiktook and is one of the few artists who started carving in the 60`s who still continues to produce powerful art today.

When I am in the first stages of a carving, it is hard to see what it will be--for me anyway. I never know what I am making until I start chipping away at it. Only when I see a figure, do I start knowing what it will be. So at first I chip it, then finally I know to go ahead and make whatever I see.

Measures approx.  10 x 6.5 x 5 in

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