Artist: Naomi Zamir Title: Textured Teapot Object: teapot Materials: Copper, patina Date: April 2022

Naomi Zamir

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Title: Textured Teapot

Materials: Copper, patina

Measures approx. 10 x 18 x 5 cm

Date: April 2022

Artwork Statement: This piece is an homage to my Mom. My Mom was a ceramist and, in her practice, she used a variety of fibres, nets and textiles to create impressions on the clay. Her work was heavily textured. After she passed away, I took a picture of the tools she used in her studio.Among them was a pile of fabrics and textiles she used in her work. I used similar fabrics and nets to texture the metal using roll printing and hammering. After the teapot was fabricated, I used green patina to color it and then sanded off the high parts, leaving the patina in the recesses.

Artist Statement: As an artist I am always interested in exploring and telling a narrative in a way that will evoke a feeling, a memory, or an impression. Even the relationship between the different elements of a piece can tell a story. My aim is to dig into my memories, feelings, impressions and be able to narrate them using different materials, connections, textures, and forms. In my practice I am trying to combine my love to textile practices and my fascination with jewellery and the metal arts.

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