Padlaya Qiatsuk
Padlaya Qiatsuk

Padlaya Qiatsuk

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Owl - This dancing, hooting, figure with mesmerizing eyes is carved in serpentine stone.

One of the most important artists of Cape Dorset, Padlaya (Palaya) was born in Cape Dorset in 1965 and began carving around 1977.  He learned from his father, well-known sculptor and printmaker, Lukta Qiatsuq. 

I like to carve transformations. That`s one of my favourite themes, and shamanism...when I do transformation or shamanism carvings, I hope the younger people will see the carving in a book or in a gallery.  I want them to know that these traditions have to be carried out. How do I put this. They have to know that`our ancestors had a hard time to live, to hunt.

Measures approx.  12 x 3 x 8 in

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