Permission, Casein and oil on birch panel  2020, 79 x 79 cm.

Reed Weir

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PermissionCasein and oil on birch panel

2020, 79 x 79 cm.

I am working with paint to create pieces that reflect the placement of contemporary culture within the continuum of time. Each piece is created in layers.  Starting with the archaic practice of under painting with milk-based pigment that is over painted with oil. To complete each painting is framed and covered with one or two layers of laser cut plexi.  When completed each piece becomes a shallow shadow box.

 I set a project for myself: I determined to try to paint each canvas to hold qualities I associate with three masters; each piece I was aiming for 1/2 Rothko, 1/4 Leger and 1/4 Kokoshka. 

Not copying them by any means but trying to evoke the spirit of the combination.  The quiet introspection of Rothko, the design of Leger and the organics of Kokoshka.  I could spend a lifetime trying to achieve any of the above but this is how I am framing this section.


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