Rachael Wong

Rachael Wong
Rachael Wong investigates systems and form to explore her contemporary context. Rachael holds a BFA in Glass from Alberta College of Art and Design and an MFA in Sculpture/Dimensional Studies from Alfred University. She was the recipient of the 2010 RBC Award for Glass and her work is included in the collections of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery and the City of Lommel, Belgium.
Working through installation, drawing, and material, she studies process and structure, while questioning aspects of her surroundings. 
Place and Image deconstructs elements of imagery and rebuilds the mark both connected and disjointed to its past. I am investigating pattern and structure relating to place and identity.
Red Effect is an installation of glass, paint, and shadows. It explores our perception of the two and the three dimensional as well as conscious and unconscious thought. The work relates to the space and our physicality and shifts the perspective of our experience. It questions the nature of the objectively physical while catching phenomena.
Indicating structure, Flat Depth blends physicality with image and relates to the body in space to identify an imagined place in the surroundings. Fragments are fabricated into another experience, repurposed, ambiguous. Glass holds the memory of process pushed and pulled, the material is shifted, revealing time altered, solid and fragile. Drawn elements mark time and the fabrication of memory restructured in the moment where the shadow speaks of a transitional space. In this system, possibilities and perspectives emerge in the space that unfolds behind the image.

Shape refers to formal structure as well as the context it creates. Place refers to time and location as well as belonging.

In Shape and Place, I am thinking about the role our surroundings play in creating identity and the role identity plays in creating our environment. Through my surroundings I catch an echo of myself.