Mary Lynn Podiluk for MetalAid

Read the cameo feature on Mary Lynn Podiluk below:

Describe your current work/practice in one sentence.

I combine traditional goldsmithing with alternative materials and techniques to create jewellery that explores aspects of language through anatomical and organic forms, linguistic textures and acoustic representations.


What are three things/ideas that inspire you?

I’ve always been interested in language. Before moving to Halifax to attend NSCAD, I studied Spanish, Mandarin and French, and worked toward a major in Languages and Linguistics. Travelling across the country has given me a new appreciation for my environment and curiosity about details around me. I find it very interesting to come across bold or graceful shapes in nature that could allude to speech anatomy or even appear as though they have something to say. Additionally, I am intrigued by the idea of unseen things like sound itself inspiring a visual representation. These ideas all come together to inform my practice today as I draw parallels to language and sound from botanical forms and nature.


What other things do you do besides your jewellery practice?

During Saskatchewan’s few warm months, I enjoy gardening, biking, and kayaking the South Saskatchewan river. Summer is incomplete without a trip to the Rockies for some camping, hiking, and nature photography - and of course, keeping an eye out for inspiration. I also enjoy engaging with the local craft community and spending time with family and friends, hosting gatherings, sharing food and enjoying games and music.


What is a favourite piece that you’ve made and why?

My recent piece ‘Parataxis’ comes to mind. This neckpiece marks my use of silicone as a new and integral material to my practice. Displayed on gallery walls, the undulating silicone ribbon is believed to be glass; viewers are delighted when invited to touch the piece and discover that it is flexible. This is exactly this type of response that I hope to evoke with my work.


What word pops into your mind when you think of Canadian art jewellery?


What is coming up next for you?

I’ve been invited to participate in the Eclectic Artisans Collective, an international online gallery showcasing contemporary jewellers worldwide, curated by Australian jeweller and educator Roz Eberhard. The site has just gone live, am I am excited to see where it will lead. In addition to setting up this endeavour, I’ve taken time from the studio this spring to apply for several upcoming opportunities, shows and grants and am now eager to switch my focus back to creating while I wait for the results.