Justine Bonnin

Inspired by Manea, Greek goddess personifying insanity and madness, I make these pieces a symbolic union, a way to embrace her.  
With this project, I want to bring a different understanding on the vulnerability of an unstable psychology. Often undervalued and better known as a weakness in our society, I’m looking to restitute strength and beauty to their spirit. 
Corrosion is, for me, the materialization of a fragile sensibility. Simultaneously febrile and in perpetual mutation, the rust reveal is shades with time. Riveted on silver structures who support it, it become the precious matter. The Spessartite garnets are not without remembering its most warm tints. The rope, the leather and the thread sutures materialize this will of assembling the different elements into a whole. Of this whole, a harmony emerges in this apparent instability. Indeed, despite the dilapidated aspect, it’s in a subtle balance that is worn my collar. It implies a straight position with a sharp conscience of the collar’s shakiness, just like if you wanted to restore fallen relationship splendors. The element on the shoulder embraces the body and corrects it all, fixes it all.  
Thereby, wearing this set is really experiencing, opening ourselves to this sensibility, this creating potential.  

If by my pieces I address myself to Manea, however, you have already understood it, it’s also you that I aim for.  

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The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec