Lavinia Van Heuvelen

Northern elements are finely rendered in silver to create delicate wearable artworks inspired by the artist's Inuit heritage and the northern landscape.

"Themes can often be found repeated in my work, which ties them together, many times by accident. My inspiration is rooted in the common beauties and simplicity of life. Animals are a common subject of mine, as are traditional Inuit themes. I grew up in southern Ontario where a person’s heritage, traditions, and culture are not around every day. Now living in the North with my Inuit half of the family, it is hard not to be inspired when the beauty of the North and its people are surrounding me. My goals as an artist are to capture the imagination of the viewer. When making anything I usually stick to what I like. It is a satisfying bonus to see that my creations are admired. I want to gain more skill so that my talents become stronger and more versatile."

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