Karine Rodrigue

    Karine Rodrigue

    Karine Rodrigue

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    These Galet keumboo cufflinks are sterling silver with 24 karat gold that has been diffusion bonded and formed, resulting in an exciting interplay between two fine metals. Measuring approximately 3cm x 3cm.

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    Karine Rodrigue graduated from the École de joaillerie de Québec in 1999. Karine is a member of the Filièr 11 Collective, and presented work developed during Le Labo in Page Blanche, an exhibition at the Galerie de la Bibliothèque Gabrielle Roy, and in Crazy Carpets, at the Musée national des beaux-arts de Québec.

    "Karine is a Keum-Boo specialist and her collection is the result of years of research into this exciting technique which forms the cornerstone of her art."