Lena Binnington

Lena Binnington, Toronto ON 
Lena is a Toronto-based artist and choreographer, and a 2019 graduate from the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College. Her previous studies in printmaking and painting at the University of Toronto greatly inform her current work as a metals-based artist, incorporating motifs and patterns from previous 2D explorations. With a lifetime of experience as a modern dancer, Lena also seeks to express movement and costume in her design process. Building upon her recent Technofuture collection, her intention is to continue creating work that is experimental and bewilderinga hybrid of the delicate and grotesque, escaping from the boundary of everyday wearability. Science fiction illustration and avant-garde fashion are the inspirations behind Technofuture;within the series you will find orbits, circuits and tiny satellites that ornament the human body in unusual ways. The wearer is the citizen of an alternative world,reflecting a relationship between progress, imagination, and the body.
Lena believes contemporary jewellery is a wildly expressive form of an artist’s individuality,combining one’s life experiences and channeling them into a finished product. Striving for technical excellence and compelling design are the two pillars of her practice, producing work that is equal parts refined and eccentric. While the future of adornment is a mystery, Lena envisions it as both provocative and delightful.