Lucie Weir

Lucie Weir was born in Boskovice, Czech Republic. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Arts (majoring in animation) from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic. Lucie currently gives lamp working workshops throughout Canada and the United States. She lives and runs her lamp working studio in rural Ontario.

On the striped glass series: " In 2007 I did artist residency at Bullseye glass company in Portland, OR and I have used all their little scrap glass, cut into tiny rectangles and kiln formed them into large bricks, which I have only in last couple of years started cutting up, grinding, drilling, polishing and setting together with silver, same way all the precious stones are cut, under water with diamond charged cutting wheels. It is an incredibly time consuming process, but I love it. It was also great work for me, when I was at the end of my pregnancy and did not fit behind a torch."