Miguel-Angel Berlanga

Born in Madrid in 1951, Miguel-Angel Berlanga is well known throughout the
National Capital Region for his major public works. Co-founder of the artistsʼ
collectives A&B associés and Groupe Agri-culturel, his works have been featured
in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad.


I consider art as a means to access the mind. It can explore the soul, the self and objects, all at the same time; it presents (or it can present ) an alternate vision of the universe, and prompts us to question our ordinary perception of reality. In this perspective, a work of art does not mean, it "is". According to the Chinese poet Wei k'ing-tche (12th century), "Poetry is an exercise of Awakening". Art carries meaning inasmuch as it feeds the mind of the one that creates it and the one who engages with it by forcing, through observation, a change in his or her habits of perception.

Watch the video for Miguel-Angel Berlanga's exhibiton à L'ABRI de la pensée at AXENÉO7 artist-run centre in 

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