Caleb Witvoet Knuckle Dusters April 2022

"The Knuckle Dusters are a series of wooden rings based on the construction of 2x4 stud walls. Structures I have been familiar with ever since I was a young lad. I remember playing and running through these delineated walls on visits to my dad’s various job sites. At home, there was an exposed 2x4 above the stair landing, a crossbeam in the unfinished ceiling that I would swing from to launch myself down the stairs. Later, my dad would teach me how to frame stud walls for a living (though I don’t think this is what he intended). The knuckle dusters are offensive, good in a fight but can be uncomfortable to wear either by restricting movement or by posturing the hand. Each one is named in the style of rock and pop love songs because the fight is really about being loved as one’s self. These structures need not be violent, one frames the index and middle finger in a peace sign, or alternatively the number “2”. Another one dresses up the middle finger to elaborate on an obscene gesture. There is no proper way to wear the knuckle dusters, actually they need not be worn at all. The little structures stand on their own."