K a i t l y n D e r r a h

I find peace, calmness and inspiration when I am out in nature. I grew up in an ever-growing city. With the towering buildings, nature was almost non-existent. What there was, was a mere decoration, overlooked amongst the steel and concrete. For this work, I used a bit of nature in an ancient technique of casting molten silver into bundles of corn straw to create an organic bark texture. I formed copper into domes and lined them with gold leaf to simulate elf cap mushrooms.

Using the corn straw casting technique, I created a cohesive line where every piece is unique. As if you were to pick a piece of bark off the forest floor, I wanted to make each piece feel natural but still have a sense of refinement. I wanted to capture a moment in time and highlight the beauty that nature can bring in something such as a piece of fallen bark. Something that is often overlooked when walking among the trees of the forest, just as the pockets of greenery in an ever-expanding metropolis are quickly forgotten.

Winner of the 19th annual National Jewellery Student Competition in 2022, the first from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

THE ORGANIC BARK PROCESS: to create every unique Forest Floor piece, Kaitlyn turned to the ancient technique of casting molten silver into bundles of corn straw. For the elf cap mushrooms she formed copper into domes and then lined them with gold leaf.