Week 47 Necklace in pink and purple silicone, acrylic, on 18" sterling silver chain.

Emma Gerard

Week 47 Necklace in pink and purple silicone, acrylic, on 18" sterling silver chain.

"The 52 Weeks of Pendants project was born on October 1, 2018 when I decided to challenge myself to make one completely one-of-a-kind pendant/necklace every week for the next year. It is not only a chance for me to open my sketch book again and brainstorm more ideas but it is also an opportunity for me to explore different techniques and materials. This is the kind of exploration and structure that I have missed since being in school (it’s been 5 years since I earned my BFA degree and 10 years since my diploma) It is my ultimate goal that the structure of this self-created challenge pushes me out of my comfort zone and some exciting new work emerges."

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