Paula Murray

Paula Murray

Paula Murray is a ceramic artist living in Quebec. Murray studied ceramics at Sheridan College, School of Craft & Design. She has received many awards for her exceptional work and is shown in many public collections including The Canadian Museum of Civilization and the World Ceramic Center in Korea.

“My practice is rooted in the relationship between material, process and meaning. Porcelain is essentially a material of transformation as it dries and is fired, changing from clay into ceramic. The cracking and movement of the porcelain captures a physical entity in transition. It is the result of the tension created by juxtaposing clay and fiberglass- nature and technology.”

Connection X Connexion, 2014, Le centre d’exposition Art-image, Maison de la culture, Gatineau, Québec

Clay through an exchange of energy is transformed. By referencing both nature and culture, Paula Murray works in a collaborative way with this energy to pursue her curiosity about the forces at play on our beings, blurring the lines between our physical and spiritual natures. Her installation i porcelain offers a poetic metaphor for contemplating our understanding of the universal principle of interconnectedness. 

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You Are Me Exhibition at the Ottawa Art Gallery 2016

Porcelain, original process, multiple firings

From the artist: My practice is rooted in the relationship between process, material and meaning. I am interested in the exchange of energy that is essential to life, be it intrinsic or extrinsic. The energy at the molecular level that attracts or repels particles of clay is invisible to the eye, but the effects are apparent. I have developed a process of working in which the juxtaposition of clay and glass creates another layer of tension, allowing me to test the limits of endurance and resilience within the form of the porcelain vessel. I am drawn to how these ceramic materials and processes have affinities with the human condition; how we respond and engage with the injury of experience - within, with each other, with the other. By embracing wounds, deeper meaning can be brought to our lives, transforming suffering into something worthy, sensuous and beautiful.

Hemisphère Installation, 2014 at Le Moulin de la Chevrotière

Paula's You Are Me series on display at the Yingge Museum of Ceramics, Taipei as part of the Taiwan Ceramic Biennial, 2018. The exhibition runs until March 2019.

Also pictured is Paula receiving a certificate of appreciation at the TCB.