Clarissa Long in the latest issue of Metalaid
In the latest issue of Metalaid, the team sat down with Clarissa Long


Name : Clarissa Long
Location : Vancouver, British Columbia

Describe your current work/practice in one sentence.
My practice is about asking questions and creating a forum where those questions can play in a visual, three-dimensional form.
What are three things/ideas that inspire you?
Places, People, Things. And how they all interact with each other. I’m fascinated by how people connect with the spaces that surround them, how places can inform the things we make, and how we can inflict meaning on those things.
What other things do you do besides your jewellery practice?
I practice yoga regularly. I also hike in the mountains and swim in the ocean whenever I can. And I love anything food related, whether it’s cooking, produce shopping or flipping through takeout menus.
What is a favourite piece that you've made and why?
One of my most memorable pieces for me is the first neckpiece that I made during school that was not part of an assigned project. Balance no.1 was made during my first independent study where I was given the freedom to create my own work without being framed by a class assignment. It was intimidating at first to be given complete freedom and to navigate how to start, but I ended up with two tables full of work and samples that I am still exploring to this day. When I look back to that piece, I am reminded of the moment where I realized that I could do this.
What word pops into your mind when you think of Canadian art jewellery?
What is coming up next for you?

I’ve just received some exciting news that I’ve been invited to show my work in Talente 2018, an exhibition that is part of the International Handwerk and Design Fair. I am hoping to attend Munich Jewellery Week in March to represent my work and to be inspired by all the other incredible work.
In the meantime, I have just started as a studio technician for a new jewellery community studio in Vancouver where I’m excited to help set up a shared creative space. I am a part of the VMAA’s exhibitions committee and we are organizing a group show for next year. I’m also working on a few separate projects with some colleagues that we hope to get rolling out in the spring. So hopefully I’ll have some more news for you then!