Anna Williams creates the medal for the Global Citizenship prize!

Congratulations to Anna Williams who created the Global Citizenship medal for Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. 

From the artist:
Adrienne Clarkson asked me to create the medal for the Global Citizenship Prize. I had the idea if bringing together the world of creation with that of the great mythological winged deities. Sedna is the Inuit goddess from whom all creatures of the sea spring. Atalanta, Nike, Lilith and the winged bearers of souls in Norse lore, the Valkyrie, each exist in an imperfect world. But through their strength, intelligence, independence,and compassion, they have created an iconography of champions and dissenters. Each in their own way is unyielding and stands apart as they chart a new course against buffeting waves. In the narrative if this medal, Sedna the creator emerges from the waves to pass a vulnerable world to the outstretched arms of our winged guardian.

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