Anna Williams graces the cover of Arc Poetry Magazine

In Arc 98, President Lise Rochefort ponders kindness, and “poetry’s expanded presence in the lives of Canadians.” The artist's An Untamed Bond, well suits the theme, and numerous of the artist's works are included within the venerable Canadian literary journal.

An Untamed Bond is 2 of 5 of The Allegory of Atalanta, linocut, 2020.  Edition of 6, printed on Arnhem 1618, 16 x 22 inches.

When Atalanta was born, her father had hoped for a boy and so he left her on a mountainside to die of exposure as was the practice with unwanted girls or disabled children. Artemis, in the form of a shebear, found her and suckled her. She was raised as one of Artemis’ huntresses.

Printed on the artist's ingenious home-made printing press (made of a car jack, melamine and oak).