Josée Desjardins: My Mother's Dress and My Father's Pipes

Jeweller of the interstitial, Josée Desjardins explores the intimate connection between humans and their sociocultural and geographical environment. She casts her glance upon the empty spaces between the seen and the unseen, the present and the future, the body and the environment, in order to pick up the subtle poetry that settles there. Her new exhibition is based on the deconstruction and reconstruction of objects inherited from her family. The artist starts from the premise that the creative process has the power to transform reality past, present and future, and thus re-invent history:  "Freed from fetters and prohibitions, the beauty that this great story contains can finally be reclaimed here and now in a true alchemical process."  

 Josée Desjardins has been engaged in the art of contemporary jewelry for 35 years and has taught numerous generations of students. Born in Hull, she lives on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, in Rimouski, QC. Her Masters Degree in Psychosocial Practices focused on the issue of isolation within the creative process. Since 2016, her work has been part of the permanent exhibition at the new Pierre Lassonde Pavilion of the Musée des beaux-arts du Québec, and she has twice designed the medals for the Prix du Québec.  

Exhibition ran from April 19th - May 9th 2018