paper wall sculpture

Construction Three | Tyvek Wall Sculpture by Lori Victor

Construction Three, 2024. Hand-cut strips of painted Tyvek were folded together each using two different coloured strips, reminiscent of the folded strands we perhaps made as children. One strip was left longer than the other to enable it to be joined onto the next, creating many colour combinations.  The finished strands were then threaded and wound over nails embedded into the wooden support. 

"Currently, I am concentrating on the use of Tyvek, the material used in wrapping construction projects. I was introduced to this material through an earlier group art project focused on climate change. Although it is obviously counter intuitive to be using a material that is basically made of plastic, the Tyvek I use is leftover ends – or waste material – that is normally discarded."

16" x 16".

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