Anna Williams Presents New Work in Montreal Through the Inaugural John Fluevog Artist Grant


"I am very pleased to premiere Heap, a new installation piece funded by the inaugural John Fluevog Artist Grant. Please join me and the Fluevog Team for a party to celebrate the realization of this work and the establishment of this generous grant supporting artistic exploration and production in Canada.

Heap is a sculptural exploration of a family’s generational struggles with mental illness. It is comprised of a large pile of over 750 individually cast bronze leaves collected from the towering oak tree of my family home. My childhood memories are a complex web of happiness and grief, comfort and pain. This work investigates the dualities of childhood happiness and pain through the juxtaposition of material and content. Heap articulates a moment pregnant with potential—for the explosive joy of a youthful leap or the reality that few of us escape our youth unscathed." - Anna Williams