New video from Paula Murray's Jingdezhen residency
Watch a wonderful video shared by Paula Murray, who recently completed a residency in JIngdezhen, China. 

Paula wrote on her Instagram:

"Jingdzhen is a fascinating city attracting foreigners and Chinese nationals alike to live there. A film crew from Beijing came to see what all the fuss was about and took me along for a day exploring sides of the city I hadn’t seen yet. It was a serendipitous meeting that led to this short video.

I have such fond memories of that day- trying to be relaxed on camera, smiling my way through the language barrier. Our common humanity was what sticks in my mind.

JIngdezhen has a reputation for spicy food. I think they had hoped I would say how spicy the hocks were, but I did find them delicious. Most of the crew didn’t play Mahjong- it is taken far too seriously for casual players :) They graciously accommodated my fumbling.

What a privilege to have had this experience. Thank you Taoxichaun International Studio for hosting my stay."