May 12-June 1 Vilya Ou: Shu
“Shu embroidery started in about B.C 206. It was very popular throughout history, but now, as many of the world's cultural products, it is gradually fading from people's lives. My concept is to set Shu embroidery as gems in the jewellery pieces. Embroidery, as part of our tradition, should be cherished as valuable gems."
 May 12-June 1 Eiko Maeda: Spring Air
“I have been exploring a new style of ceramics technique, called nerikomi. I had the opportunity to attend a nerikomi ceramics workshop taught by Eiji Murofushi, one of the pioneers in the field of nerikomi ceramics in Japan, 2013 in Fuji, Japan. I was immediately attracted and started to practice nerikomi in Canada where the technique is hardly known. Funded by the Ontario Art Council, I have gone back to Japan to further develop nerikomi technique under Eiji’s guidance. I hope to generate public interest in nerikomi in Canada and to share the beauty of Japanese ceramics.”