Barry Ace at SAW Portico: April 6 unveiling
Saturday, April 6, at 6PM: Opening of SCI_ART exhibition and unveiling of 'Zasaan' by Barry Ace, commissioned as part of SAW’s 50th Anniversary Program, at SAW Portico (67 Nicholas Street).
This event is open to the general public, and admission is free.
'Zasaan' will incorporate the Thunderbird, a symbol of importance to the artist which has appeared across media in his artwork -- such as in the small-scale piece 'Nest' at L. A. Pai Gallery (pictured below).
The SCI_ART Symposium takes place April 6-7, 2024, at Alma Duncan Salon, Ottawa Art Gallery (10 Daly Avenue, Ottawa), Club SAW, Artengine and Digital Arts Resource Centre (67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa)