Lisa Creskey at Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery

RESONANCE: February 3 to May 12, 2024
Lisa Creskey at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery

Resonance features the work of Lisa Creskey, Susan Day, and Eddy Firmin, three artists engaging with ceramics in unique ways that connect us to social issues.

From the threat of ecosystem collapse in the age of the Anthropocene, to community-based arts and disability, to systemic racism and the lasting implications of slavery, we are drawn to connect with these growing crises. Each using ceramics and mixed media in different ways, the artists engage in activism through their work as the act of creation and sharing affects each one of us. While they may not present solutions to these issues, the tangible and emotive qualities of their works resonate within us. They connect us more personally to the diverse individuals and experiences around us, and in doing so encourage new bonds and innovative ways of thinking.