Kye-Yeon Son purchased by Victoria and Albert Museum

Innatus Forma 2022-1: Steel, heat colouring, powder
coating, 11 x 11 x 35h cm.

This piece by Kye-Yeon Son was acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK during the 2024 Collect Art Fair. Congratulations, Kye! A significant achievement!

The Innatus Forma series speaks to tree forms:

"The persistent transformation of tree forms and textures speaks about tenacity and harmonious survival in their environment. Employing the inherent physical characteristics of fine metal wire allows the portrayal of a variety of expressive qualities in the tree trunk through structure, textures, and volume. Korean Ottchil technique and various colouring techniques are applied in order to show nuances and intrinsic character of the colours of tree trunks."