Reflections from ANJSC Finalists: new article from Lindsay Macdonald in Metalaid

2023 marks 20 years... 
of the Annual National Jewellery Student Competition at L. A. Pai Gallery. Read more in a fantastic new article by jeweller Lindsay Macdonald for Metalaid: "Reflections from ANJSC Finalists: A GROUP INTERVIEW WITH PAST FINALISTS OF L.A. PAI GALLERY’S ANNUAL NATIONAL JEWELLERY STUDENT COMPETITION".

Featured in the interview are past finalists Aleena Derohanian (2020 & 2022), Anthia Barboutsis (2020), Audrée H. St-Amour (2011), Erica Leal (2010), Gabriel Normandeau (2022), Jess Bischoff (2021), Louis-Vincent Parent (2017).

Thank you, Lindsay, for your thoughtful questions, and to our past finalists for lending your time and your insights about your work and your experiences. Congratulations to Metalaid on having such a fine contributor!